Midland Air Museum Uses an Industrial Dishwasher

The Midlands air museum has been in place for years now so naturally when it came time for renovation, the kitchen was one of the first places that needed new kitchen equipment and a industrial dishwasher was one of the first things on the list. The old kitchen had previously had a commercial dishwasher of course but it had done it’s duty and had seen better days, so a new one was in order!

The Midland Air museum has new catering facilities as well as a Industrial dishwasher

It’s not just a professional dishwasher and other kitchen appliances that were needed either, museums get a massive number of visitors each year that pretty much any establishment would struggle to cater for, things like dining tables and new dishes had to be bought too in order to make sure that the Midland Air Museum guests remained catered for.

airplane commercial dishwasher

Why Places like the Midland Air Museum rely on a Block and beam floor

As well as renovations to the kitchen area, after many years of harsh treatment it has been necessary to shore up the building foundations with some concrete floor beams. Unfortunately for anyone who has ever used a block and beam floor you’ll know that they don’t usually come cheap. This was particularly true for us because we required a higher grade of concrete beams that had been pre-stressed in order to make them stronger that just regular concrete for the air museum.

The Midlands air museum has to use concrete floor beams specifically

air museum concrete flooring beams

Naturally with a great deal of heavy machines such as airplanes and their engines, a lot of weight get’s placed on the flooring foundations of our building, because of this we couldn’t afford to go for some of the cheaper or less effecting concrete flooring options that were open to us. So how does the block and beam flooring look now you may be wondering? Well pretty much just the same as it ever has but now people can visit safe in the knowledge that the concrete floor beams that they’re walking on are keeping them and the building safe for any new aircraft that come through our doors.

Installing a silent gliss curtain track in the midlands air museum

The trouble with modern museums but not so for the midlands air museum, is that they can appear to be a little dated, as though their owners have stopped updating them, a silent gliss electric curtain track has gone some way to ensuring that this doesn’t happen. Electric curtains are pretty futuristic gadgets by anyone’s standards, they allow the remote closing of curtains, whether you’re in a home or a museum, with just the pressing of a remote control button.

electric curtains museum

While hi-tech curtain gadgets like these aren’t necessarily essential to the running of a place, they can certainly make a pretty effective finishing touch. When people visit places like museums it’s the small things that make their visits memorable and although curtain tracks aren’t airplane related, they make the environment a whole lot more comfortable for the people visiting the place. Naturally if people have had a good time, they are far more likely to tell their friends and push up visitor numbers and ultimately interest in the aviation industry.

Now I know that can seem a bit of stretch for just installing something as small as a silent gliss curtain track but it really is these small touches that make all the difference.

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